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To preserve and perpetuate the culture and traditions of Hawaiʻi



Acknowledging the fact that approximately half of the Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) population resides in various locations outside of their ancestral homeland, it becomes imperative to emphasize the significance of preserving and transferring rich cultural traditions and heritage to the younger generations who now call the continental United States their home.

The challenges of living in diaspora should not hinder the Kanaka Maoli community from preserving their traditions; rather, it should serve as a catalyst for a collective effort to strengthen cultural identity. 


By actively engaging in educational initiatives, we aim to dispel misconceptions and provide a more nuanced understanding of Hawaiʻi's culture, history, and values. Through interactive workshops, cultural events, and informative outreach programs, we seek to reveal the depth and richness of our culture, fostering a sense of appreciation and respect among all who seek to know it better.


In doing so, we hope to encourage a more profound cultural exchange, mutual understanding, and a renewed sense of unity among the diverse communities that coexist in the local community. 


UMEKE's foundation rests upon the traditional Hawaiian value of laulima, (many hands), which emphasizes the importance of working together collaboratively for the greater good.


It involves pooling resources, sharing knowledge, and supporting one another to achieve common goals. UMEKE's mission to educate and empower the community relies on the value of laulima, encouraging collective action and collaboration among individuals and organizations.

Join our 'Umeke hui!


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