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Cultural Scholarships

Cultural Scholarships

Hoʻomau: To carry on, persevere.

Our Cultural Scholarship invites individuals committed to celebrating and honoring Hawaiian heritage to apply for financial assistance. At our core, we believe that finances should not be a barrier to entry for cultural learning. Scholarship applications are accepted on a quarterly basis, offering multiple chances throughout the year to secure support for your educational and cultural endeavors. 

Our Cultural Scholarship Program Aims To Promote

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Cultural Preservation

Our scholarship offers a chance to reconnect with ancestral traditions, language, and practices, contributing to the ongoing preservation of Native Hawaiian culture. Through participation in cultural programs and activities funded by the scholarship, recipients will have the chance to learn from kūpuna (elders) and cultural practitioners, ensuring the transmission of ancestral knowledge and traditions to future generations.


Sense of Identity

By engaging in cultural learning supported by the scholarship, recipients will strengthen  connections to Hawaiʻi as a land-base and culture, fostering a deeper sense of identity and belonging within the Native Hawaiian community. By providing opportunities for cross-cultural understanding fosters harmony and unity among people from various backgrounds.


Community Building

Through shared experiences and education, scholarship recipients form bonds and connections that strengthen the pilina (relationships) of their community. By investing in cultural education and experiences, the scholarship empowers individuals to become leaders and advocates for Hawaiian environmental and cultural preservation.

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